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The boiler thermostat is located behind the drop- down door. Note. These boilers cannot be used on systems which include gravity circulation. If gravity circulation is required the Classic RS range of boilers is suitable. See Frame 1 for details of the correct boiler tappings to use. The boilers are supplied with a standard flue kit suitable

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The Ideal Classic FF230 has a SAP seasonal efficiency rating of 77.2%. The Classic FF230 is a Non-Condensing Conventional boiler with a maximum power output of 8.8kw that uses Gas as its fuel source. We recommend that you upgrade to a new, more efficient boiler to help reduce fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions. Get quotes for a new boiler

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An Ideal Classic boiler fan is shown in the pictures but other models are very similar. Check the size of the fan shaft. Most of the fan shafts are of 6 mm diameter and our bearings fit them perfectly.

Ideal Classic 171461 Replacement Fan Assembly IDE171461

The Ideal Classic 171461 boilerfan assembly is the most popular aftermarket boiler fan in the UK market, due to the very high number of Ideal Classic boilers that were installed by the major house builders.

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This Fan Replaced Part Number 151586. Please note this fan is one of two fans that can be fitted to your boiler. This is because ideal modified the boiler halfway through production and changed the fan.

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Noisy boiler fan? - and always just when you don't need it! With our fantastic range of quality replacement boiler fan assemblies,™ offer an unrivalled service to keep your home warm with express timed delivery options to suit you needs, including Saturday deliveries.

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So I have an Ideal Classic FF250 with a seized fan. Apparently a common problem on these things. Symptoms were easy to spot; the irritating squeek from the fan assembly, that had persisted for the

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The fan is the device that introduces fresh air in to the combustion chamber, allowing the gas to be burnt correctly. We stock many Ideal replacement parts.

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Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop Ideal Classic FF230 FF240 & FF250 FAN 171461.

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Why wait to get your boiler fixed. Time to test your boiler. Fans. 174066 Ideal Classic HE12 or Optia HE12 fan. excl VAT: £63.99 inc VAT: £76.79.

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May 16, 2017 · My Ideal Classic FF380 boiler is overheating, causing the overheat thermostat to trip with the button popping out. My gas engineer has looked at it several times but it is still not right so I was hoping for some advice. The engineer serviced the boiler just over two weeks ago.

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It also extracts the burnt gas after the combustion process is complete. The boiler has safety protocols in place to make sure no gas can be passed through to the main burner if the fan is not operating correctly. Product Features. Ideal genuine spare part; Suitable for classic ff 30 - 80 boilers; Value for money

Ideal Classic Boiler - Just started to make a whirring noise

Dec 17, 2007 · I have an Ideal Classic boiler which used to be very quite. All of a sudden whenever it's working it now makes a whirring noise.At the moment everythings seems to be working fine. Any ideas what it might be - can't get an engineer for love nor money this time of year without paying through the roof. Boiler's only 2 1/2 years old

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Jan 26, 2012 · I've got a ideal classic boiler and a megaflow tank sealed / unvented system. approximatley 10 years old and serviced regularly. Even from new the system has been very poor at heating my livingroom radiators which struggle to get above 33 degrees C with system on.

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Ideal boiler pressure should sit around the 1.5 bar mark, you can check this by taking a look at the built-in pressure gauge. Over time, an Ideal boiler will very gradually reduce pressure but if there’s a sudden drop in pressure it’s likely that it will be down to a leak in the system or the radiators having recently been bled.

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Ideal boilers Classic FF240 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ideal boilers Classic FF240 User Manual

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Ideal 171461 Fan Assembly Fan Assembly WFFB0221-039 (E02-661) NB. Latest versions of this fan no longer have an impellor. If you are ordering the correct fan the spade connectors will both be on the same side of the fan motor.

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Today, Ideal remains at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating markets, leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries. Product Features Our company remains true to its founding principles of quality, innovation and value – building on its rich heritage as we look to the future.

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You can search here for a general boiler description, or more specifically by Boiler BGC or Product UIN. The BGC number is a 7 digit reference usually beginning with a "4" (eg 4734919 - Logic Combi C30 Boiler). The product UIN number for your boiler is usually the first 6 numbers on your boiler serial number. (eg 213981 - Logic Combi C30 Boiler)

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How have you ascertained that figure of £150.00? We don't know which Ideal Classic FF250 boiler therefore don't know which fan needs to be purchased. The OP states he/she can get the fan for £50 less: would that be a new genuine Ideal part or a reconditioned or gray market fan? Perhaps he/she could enlighten us.

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The Gas Boilers Behind The Spares. There are a wide range of gas boilers available in the UK and they are split into three main categories. A gas combination boiler also known as a gas combi boiler, which supplies instant hot water and central heating, a heat only boiler which work in partnership with a cylinder to provide heating and hot water, and a gas condensing boiler which is more

I have an ideal classic ff350 boiler. It stopped working just

Jan 01, 2011 · I have an ideal classic ff350 boiler. It stopped working just before xmas. We have replace the fan, the pressure switch and the circuit board. We got the parts from a reputable plumbing and heating shop. Still the boiler is not igniting. Have you any advice to give us on what to do next.

Part No. 151586 | NOW USE 171461 FAN SIFAN WFFB 0221-039 INC

Ideal part number 151586 NOW USE 171461 FAN SIFAN WFFB 0221-039 INC SENSOR

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The fan speed control resistor is able to withstand larger currents so as to generate heat. The resistors are enclosed within a metal casing with a heat sink connected to it, which then connects to the boiler chassis to dissipate the heat quickly.

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Re: Ideal Classic FF360 - How to remove fan from boiler Post by Agile » Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:50 pm The fan in a gas boiler is part of the "gas train" and should only properly be worked on by someone who is Gas Safe registered.

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Ideal 137568 Fan Assembly Classic Nf80, Great deals on Ideal spares from Boiler Parts

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Ideal 171463 Classic Slimline Fan Ideal Fans This Fan 171463 fits the Ideal Classic Slimline range of boilers and is fitted to the heating appliance, it's function is to make sure burnt products such as carbon monoxide are filtered out of the property safely.

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The fan on our 12 year old 'Ideal Classic' boiler finally packed up yesterday. We were aware of its pending departure as on its last service we were told that it was on its way out but the engineer stated that it could last 1 week or 1 year.

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Boiler Manuals for the Ideal Classic Range range. Fan Radiators. Valves & Accessories. To view the associated documentation and manuals for your boiler

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Ideal Classic FF340 Complete Fan (Brand New), note this fan is not the original Ideal Fan 171461 (The Ideal original fan can be viewed below) this replica fan as the same product characteristics and fits all the boilers bellow. The fan comes with 12 months product warranty.

An Ideal classic boiler, original fault was a ceased fan

Jan 06, 2012 · an Ideal classic boiler, original fault was a ceased fan, replaced fan, boiler wont fire, when you suck on the tube to the air pressure switch the boiler fires and if you blow on the second tube to the switch the boiler fires, I replaced the air pressure switch and the boiler still wont fire, can you help with this fault ?

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Ideal boiler not igniting Original Poster. 7 posts. 57 months. Monday 16th February 2015. My ideal classic boiler is not igniting. they get clogged up with dust and grease. If the fan

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Boiler Manuals for the Ideal Classic NF 30-60 range. To view the associated documentation and manuals for your boiler, please select from a category below.

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Gas Parts is a Dublin based gas boiler spare parts provider. > Ideal > Classic FF 250 FF 350 Extractor Fan Units. TRV Radiator Valves.

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I was wondering if anyone could possible help me with our problematic boiler We have an Ideal Classic NF60 boiler which has been causing us a few problems recently. At first we were having problems if we had both the CH & HW on at the same time. If we did only the HW would work, the CH didn't come on at all.

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Dec 02, 2011 · Hi, I have an ideal classic NF Fanned Flue Gas boiler. It is heat only type as we have a cylinder in an airing cupboard upstairs. When operating the fan runs constantly but the boiler only fires (i.e. has a lit flame which can be seen) for a couple of minutes at a time.

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Classic LXFF & FF - User's 7 YOUR FEEDBACK and your chance to win a free boiler At Ideal we've been leaders in the design and engineering of robust and reliable boilers for over 90 years.

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Ideal Classic Boiler Fan Wffb1701-046 . Ideal Classic Boiler Fan Wffb1701-046. ideal to carry as spares on your van. as good as new less than a month old, only selling as we got a brand new boiler after replacing this fan.

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Ideal Classic boiler fan issue Home Appliances. Well, the fan went today on my 6yr old boiler. Took the cover off and put some WD40 on it, and it spun up again, for maybe an hour.

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Ideal 171461 Classic Fan SE 9FF 12FF 15FF 18FF 21FF 24FF. Fan Compatible with the following boilers Ideal Part Number 171461 Manufacturer Appliance Model GC Number