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The Guntamatic Biocom is a range of versatile wood pellet biomass boilers with outputs from 75kW-400kW (up to 100kW with a single unit).

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Guntamatic are unique amongst biomass boiler manufacturers as they make all of their own structural components. Every single part of the Powerchip is of the highest standards, offering you maximum return on your investment, low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

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The Guntamatic PRO is a range of multi fuel, medium commercial and industrial high efficiency biomass boilers with outputs from 75kW-400kW (up to 250kW with a single unit).

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Jul 03, 2013 · Footage of a Guntamatic Biocom biomass boiler solution being installed in a shipping container. For more information, visit

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Aug 06, 2015 · A look into the assembly of a Powerchip 100kW biomass boiler. For more information, visit

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2. Augers – £144-£600. On a Guntamatic boiler, there are two main augers keeping material moving. The main fuel auger transfers woodchip from the hopper into the boiler, while the stoker auger


Page 1 United Kingdom Guntamatic Biomass Boiler Biocom Pellet Boiler Step Grate Technology 20 - 100kW Single Boiler 100 - 400kW Cascade Operating Instructions renewable technologies Page 2 BIOCOM Operating Instructions Information on this documentation BS-B-00-00-00-01-BAEN Please read through this documentation carefully. It is intended as

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GUNTAMATIC is committed to the development and establishment in the market of renewables throughout the European area it represents the future of biomass heating systems. The company is genuinely engaged with the aim of producing high quality products in its advanced production facilities. Customers exposed to this infectious enthusiasm should come away equally enthused. GUNTAMATIC is a

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Treco is the sole UK distributor for the award-winning Guntamatic range of biomass boilers and are the leading authority on this brand of products. Guntamatic has been making state-of-the-art biomass boilers in Austria for over 50 years and has taken combustion technology to a new level.

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The GA-S was the first log boiler with low down combustion and two-stage secondary air combustion. it revolutionised the market and paved the way for the Guntamatic biomass boiler range. More than 70,000 units were sold. 1975. Updates and refinements to the company’s innovative log boilers are made, and Guntamatic attends its very first trade

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The proven step grate technology employed by the Biocom matches the boiler output to the cur. View More; Biomass Heating Systems - pellet boilers, log boilers 2018-5-23 · Pellet boilers; Powerful GUNTAMATIC low temperature pellet heating systems are genuine alternatives to existing oil and gas heating systems.

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Pellet boilers from Guntamatic stand for quality, innovation, economy and safety. A pellet boiler from Guntamatic is a highly economical heating solution. Thanks to intensive, permanent technical development and an ambitious research team, our pellet heaters work with maximum efficiency and maximum modulation capability.

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Biomass heating systems from 5 to 1000 kW, from new construction, to heating rehabilitation and biomass heating systems for agriculture, to municipal industrial and hall heating systems. The highly economical pellet heaters, firewood heaters, woodchip heaters and hybrid heaters (heat pump with pellet or firewood and log fires) from GUNTAMATIC are characterized by utmost reliability and maximum comfort.

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Products: Guntamatic boilers, froling biomass boilers, Uniconfort boilers Treco offers its customers a wide range of boilers from their partners; Guntamatic and Froling being the two that they generally focus on when it comes to the needs of their customers.

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The Guntamatic Powerchip 75kW-100kW are multi-fuel biomass boilers that burn a range of fuels including wood chips, wood pellets, grain and miscanthus.

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Guntamatic biomass boilers are hugely popular because they can operate at up to 96% efficiency, reducing the amount of fuel used and minimising ash creation to just 0.5-1%. These qualities, amongst many other market-leading features, make Guntamatic’s boilers especially suitable for RHI accreditation under the newer, stricter emission rules.